Special Needs Family Coaching

Clients who seek a Special Needs Family Coach are looking to:

  • Implement personal care for yourself, the parent
  • Develop and maintain spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual health
  • Find contentment with your child’s special needs
  • Increase family stability and maintain balance
  • Develop tools for individual and family stress management
  • Benefit from a confidential “sounding board” for your unique concerns
  • Become empowered and strengthened in your parenting style

Your Special Needs Family Coach will provide tools to:

  • Build and access community resources
  • Support siblings and their emotional health
  • Advocate for your child in the school and community
  • Navigate your child’s therapies and medical needs
  • Address behavioral issues
  • Prepare for outings, events, and vacations with your special needs child

I was determined as a new mom of a child with special needs, to keep our family life as normal as possible. But the truth is, after a few years into our parenting, I realized I have special needs and my family has special needs–because our son has special needs.

The special needs of our families has the potential to cause overwhelming stress, compensation for the special needs or behaviors, limited social outings, and eventual isolation. A Special Need’s Family Coach offers you a confidential environment to gain new perspectives and tools to grow as an Exceptional Family!

As the Mama to three teenage boys, the oldest with Down’s Syndrome, traits of ASD and nutritional needs from Celiac Disease, I know firsthand what it means to live with the joys, questions, waves of depression and courage of a special needs parent.

I know the courage and fear of becoming an advocate for my child, and the challenge and success of building a collaborative spirit among school and community.

Whether as a consultant or coach or combination of both, I will come along side you as a sounding board and family support. I will work with you to empower you as a special needs parent while helping you discover practical tools to bring you and your family toward growth and freedom. You deserve a team member who holds your best interests and the best interests of your child at heart. This is what our coaching relationship will provide you.

I look forward to helping you discover joy and a new-found freedom in your life as a Special Needs Parent.

You don’t have to do it alone. Send me an email and we will set-up your complimentary first 20-minute session.

Bonnie J. Christensen, M.A., CPC, CYPFC
Exceptional Families Coaching/Special Needs Family Coach


Member of American Association of Christian Counselors

Member of International Christian Coaching Association

Member of International Coach Federation