Coaching Programs

I have a passion for you to live God’s Truth and His purpose for your life. As your Christian Life Coach you can experience joy and purpose in your daily life.

I Specialize in the following Coaching Services:                                                          

  • Stress Management Coaching
  • Christian Life Coaching
  • Ministry Coaching
  • Youth, Parent, Family Coaching
  • Special Needs Families Coaching

Coaching Packages & Fees

A. Specialty Coaching Package:

The Specialty Coaching Package is for those who desire positive support and true transformational change. Three 60-minute coaching sessions are scheduled a month at a time. Coaching sessions take place via phone, unless you are located near Sacramento or Placer Counties and prefer to meet in person.

  • You decide the specific coaching service as listed above.
  • A written summary of key-conversation points, resources, a faith-building exercise and actions will be provided after each session
  • Unlimited email support throughout the coaching month
  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions per month
  • Fee: $89 per session/$267 per month.   Discounts are available to full-time students, on-going clients, and those who make an active referral to Bonnie

B. Vision Consultations Package:

The Vision Consultation Package is a series of 4 consultations over the course of 8 months. This package is for the highly motivated individual who already has a clear vision for themselves or their families. Consultations are scheduled  during challenging seasons for support, perspective and resources.

  • You decide how frequently you need to “check-in” for the consultations
  • 4 consultations must be used within the 8-month period
  • You will receive a Vision Action Plan via email which includes key-conversation points, resources, a faith-building exercise and actions
  • A limited amount of emails are exchanged as needed during the 8-month period
  • Appointments may be scheduled around school transitions, family vacation planning, or other anticipated life events
  • Fee: $89 per session/$267 per package

C. Group Coaching Package:

This coaching package is tailor-made for you and your friends.  Gather a group of 4-8 like-minded individuals who desire to grow and explore your lives together. Group coaching offers an enjoyable weekly experience to develop a network of support and life-discovery.

  • Group sessions take place weekly via conference call, or in person if the group is located near Sacramento or Placer Counties.
  • Group members receive weekly email follow-up which includes key-conversation points, resources, a faith-building exercise and actions
  • Unlimited email support throughout the coaching month
  • Tailor-made sessions based upon the common goals of the group
  • Three 60-minute group coaching sessions per month
  • Individual Fee:  $75  a month.  Discounts are available to full-time students.