Parent Coaching

Do you desire more satisfaction in your family life? Are you feeling so bogged down by stress or busyness that you have lost your vision as a parent? As your Parenting Coach I provide a safe place for you to express your needs and discover new insights and tools that will help you move your family life forward in exceptional ways!

Regardless of the challenges you face, you can become confident in creating a positive, healthy home environment for yourself and your children.

Clients who seek Parent Coaching are often seeking to:

Create a family vision
Address specific family concerns
Affirm your parenting strengths
Develop strategies for a thriving family life
Reduce stress
Take care of you and your marriage
Increase family and interpersonal stability
Reinforce the power you have as a parent to impact your children
Assist you with school related problems
Strategies to empower and motivate your children
Effective discipline techniques
Value-based parenting
Create a balanced family life
Maximize your time
Parenting skills for the new parent
Control cultural, media, technological influences in your family
Understand and nurture your child’s brain

Your investment in Parent Coaching sessions will make a difference in your perspective, your priorities and confidence as a parent.

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Bonnie J. Christensen, M.A., CPC, CYPFC

Exceptional Families Coaching/Special Needs Family Coach

Member of International Christian Coaching Association

Member of International Coach Federation