I found it difficult to prioritize what is truly necessary as a wife and mom. Working with Bonnie helped to gain perspective on my daily pursuits in light of the big picture.

Bonnie's extensive background and experiences make her a well-rounded woman and compassionate coach. She is efficient and productive with our sessions, so I always felt confident that I had goals and an action plan in place.

Her insightful understanding of my life helped me define my true goals vs. expectations, my own desires vs. pleasing others. Due to our sessions, I am inspired to take the next step toward a fulfilling life.

Coaching is a valuable investment. We take care of so many others, we neglect how to take care of ourselves. Coaching helps me embrace the person I am made to be, and gives me clarity to live with daily purpose.

Children's Ministry Director

Bonnie has the ability to make amazing insights into your heart that will help you discover and enrich your relationships with others.

She has a knack for helping you discover practical wisdom that you can apply immediately to your life.


I welcomed the new experience and I knew that Bonnie possessed the sort of traits that I would want in a confidant. She is gentle, full of wisdom, experience, integrity and faith.

Bonnie does not just possess "head knowledge" about what it means to have faith, depend on God and heal from difficult and hurtful relationships, but she has real life experience in these areas-real success stories and real practical tools.

In group discussions, I have consistently been impressed with her ability to facilitate discussions and ask thought provoking questions to the group. Bonnie has a unique ability of guiding and leading people into truth.