The Coaching Process

The role of the coach is to discuss your “present” life situation and support you as you move forward, focusing on your future. Coaching is a collaborative process, based upon a confidential partnership, healthy lifestyles and 100% commitment of both parties.

What Coaching Is

* Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps you produce extraordinary results in your life, career, family or ministry.
* Clients deepen their learning, improve performance, and enhance quality of life.
* In each meeting, the client chooses the focus of conversation. The interaction with the coach creates clarity and moves the client into action.
* Coaching focuses on the present and the future of your life.
* A coach is NOT a therapist, a psychologist, a counselor or someone who specializes in mental illness.
* Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.
* ICF member coaches recognize that results are a matter of the client’s intentions, choices and actions, supported by the coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.
-(Source: International Coach Federation)

You will receive active listening, powerful questions, non-judgmental support and compassion from your Coach. In this safe environment, your coach helps you clarify your thoughts, feelings and actions, so you are able to make new discoveries in your unique life situation. Coaching will empower your life.

Coaching sessions are usually conducted over the phone at a regularly appointed time. Coaching works most powerfully when you commit to weekly sessions for at least a two month span. If you live near the Sacramento or Placer Counties, coaching is available in person, if you prefer.

Most coaching sessions are held for 60 minutes, with a follow-up email recapping the highlights and action plans for the coming week. Email discussions and “crisis calls” are available on an individual basis.

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